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I’ve been fighting oppression for a very long time. Most of it, I’ve been fighting just to keep myself afloat. It has been over a year since I’ve been blogging about Income Inequality. I am glad to see the Occupy movement bring the idea of Income Inequality and Getting Money out of Politics to the forefront of the national discussion. Its about time someone succeeded in getting some attention to the problems.

Below is a list of my blog posts that didn’t get that much attention and I think are still worth reading.

10/5/10 – What is wrong with the United States?

10/6/10 – Making U.S. Jobs

10/8/10 – More on wealth inequality

10/22/10 – Business and Farming the Economy

11/3/10 – Disheartened but Rededicated

11/4/10 – So what do we need to do?

11/18/10 – Personal vs Social Responsiblity

11/19/10 – Create Jobs

11/24/10 – Realizing the Promise of Democracy

12/3/10 – Media and Republican Lies

12/6/10 – Kick out the Millionaires

12/7/10 – The Rich get Richer

12/9/10 – The Economy and Related Schools of Thought – introduction of “Cartoon Economics”

12/10/10 – Filibuter! Against the Tax Deal

12/14/10 – Where is the Outrage?

12/20/10 – Think, Act and Prosper Locally

1/6/11 – Facts and Figures

1/27/11 – Creating Jobs for the United States Citizens

2/11/11 – Fired to Work?

2/23/11 – Business Leaders Agree – I am Right!

3/9/11 – Sharing the Sacrifice

3/15/11 – Ethical Capitalism

3/18/11 – More on Ethical Capitalism

3/24/11 – Success

3/31/11 – MarketWatch : Super Rich are Killing the Economy

3/31/11 – Short Term results vs Long Term viability

5/24/11 – Keeping the Economy Functional

There are quite a bit more, I think, but that is a lot of reading.  I hope some take the time to read my posts – and the links within them.  There is a lot of information out there.  Unfortunately, it is not all in short sound-bites that sound good, but cover up a lot of deception.  It is within serious works of research and information.

Thank you for reading at least some of those posts.  Let me know what you think.


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