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Email to Attorney Generals

In Mississippi, where I live, as many as Five candidates ran as Democrats and were elected as Democrats but changed party affiliation only days after the election. I believe this constitutes Voter Fraud.

When the candidates announced as Democrats, they collected donations as Democrats and people voted for them as Democrats. Then, like snakes shedding their skin, they switched to Republicans after being elected. If misleading voters to get votes and get elected is a crime, these people certainly committed that crime.

Please investigate and prosecute these criminals and the Republicans in power who conspired with them to deceive the voters of Mississippi.

“Gray Tollison made headlines when it was announced that he was switching parties two days after being re-elected, without opposition, as a Democrat.”

“Donnie Bell has joined the Republican Party. Bell had to fight off a hard charging Republican opponent.”

Thank You,

Bobby Kearan

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  • Bobby Kearan

    Apparently, Defrauding the Voters is completely legal in Mississippi :

    Subject: Your recent email to the Attorney General’s Office
    From: ***************
    To: “‘'”

    Dear Mr. Kearan:

    I have received your email below regarding candidates who change political parties immediately after being elected. I completely understand that supporters of such candidates may be profoundly disappointed and frustrated when this occurs. However, in Mississippi, it is not illegal for candidates to change political parties in that manner.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about this matter.

    Sincerely yours,

    Assistant Attorney General

  • We need to get an initiative on the ballot to change the law. Let’s get a petition started for the “Gray” Law.

    • Bobby Kearan

      Already working on it! or a post on this site that links to that one :
      Editing to include your suggested name!

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